Kendra valentine

Story Strategist

I help businesses to communicate value through a method I call strategic story design. I look to the details just as much as the big picture and use a red thread to connect it all.

Aligning your business strategy with your vision and value is what strategic storytelling is all about. 

In other words, I work with people to define their vision, solidify their value proposition, and from that create authentic and robust creative assets.

If you can't explain the value you provide, no one can invest in it.


And before?

Well, I'm an American whom has lived in Europe (Stockholm & Berlin) for several years.

In the U.S, I worked in film production for studios such as Warner Bros. and Universal, as well as commercials. Thereafter I went to Stockholm for my Master's degree in Media Industry Studies. My thesis focused on defining "industry" in the Swedish film context and further propose a creative strategy for growth in the future. Basically, an entrepreneurial approach to creative & cultural industry policy.

I studied entrepreneurial thinking and strategy afterward because I’ve always liked connecting the dots between business and creative, and I wanted a method to my madness. I was selected by Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship as one of 6 persons for an interdisciplinary team in the first White Label program. There I represented Sweden in the European Business Plan of the Year competition at London Business School pitching a food product I developed, got training from an IDEO Alum on design-thinking, and ran around the streets of India trendspotting the future of "authenticity". 

So, a long background of straddling the line between creativity and business.



Kendra is an amazing and inspiring woman. She's a born public speaker and knows exactly how to transfer knowledge and skills during her workshop. She interacts great with the audience and knows how to manage a youth group. Her flexibility and organization skills are admirable. 

/ Malgorzata Moszyk, Project-based learning specialist | Co-Founder at EduHeroes /



By asking the right questions, Ms. Valentine guides to the core of one's business, just like a psychologist for companies.  She left me clear, optimistic, and inspired to put my best foot forward.

/ Alexander v. Gablenz, Geschäftsführer, LeviCraft GmbH /



Kendra is a diverse person. She can quickly shift focus from thinking broadly to details and back. […] she was proactive and suggested measures for improving our process efficiency. [...]Her ability to communicate, both in writing and orally, enhanced [our] ability to produce quality content.

/ Testimonial:  Mihail Chigrichenko, IT Business Analyst, Sqore /