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Modern Press Releases & Copy

A great press release is not simply bait for a journalist to write an article; rather, a great press release is good enough to be published as an article. Online publishing means your release is instant web content which can become tomorrow's big news or direct lead. 


Modern press release 

250€ -450€/ Release

Don't underestimate the power of a modern press release.

The (seemingly) humble press release is one of my favorite pieces of content to write.

Crafting a good release requires very subtle story skills, a lot of strategic restraint, and a special kind of writer- this is why so many are boring statements or narratives at best.

To gain and keep attention in today's world, whether it's a press release, blog post or an entire website – one needs to tailor content to be consumed beyond simple formatting.

I’ll help you to create a press release that will allow your message to shine through the noise.

Special rates available to style guide & consulting clients, and for multiple release packages. 


Other PR Services:


About Page Copy Audit


I will give you feedback on your current about page, and suggest tweaks to upgrade the copy. Then, I will give you (2) new versions: one moderate in tone, and a second with personality. That way you can choose, and use in situations best suited for each.


Video press release script

Starting at 350€/ Script

A video press release describes your brand story visually, creating a new way of sharing your news. The format of the video can be a simple interview message straight from the CEO, a how-to announcing a new feature, or a news-report-style piece with the brand’s spokesperson or an influencer describing the news for the world.

With video consumption out performing written online content, I believe the video press release is the future.

I can help you tell your story, whether you want to DIY over Facebook Live or shoot a full explainer film.

This service can be bundled with a written Modern Press Release.




Other Video Services:

Explainer Film Script Audit


Writing well for video demands a knowledge of both production and communication. With my background in film production and eye for efficient storytelling, I'll make sure your script hits the mark in a way that showcases value, encourages intrigue, and is time-synced to desired length. Not to mention- technically sound for production.  



How it works:

Like all my work I base this service on a strategic story design method, that I created to marry my business consulting and creative production skillsets. 

I'll get information from you about your announcement and creatively extract insightful quotes from primary stakeholders to fortify the narrative and legitimize newsworthiness.

Then I will write a press release in the approved format for media outlets, branded to your company and returned in PDF format for you to send out. I will also include a handy cheat sheet with tips and strategies for getting the message out there.

One round of feedback and edits is included. 

Extras: multiple headline choices, additional keywords outlined, and social headline ideas extracted.

Also, the document can be branded if appropriate assets are handed-over. 

Easy instructions included with order finalization. 



[...] By assisting to extract positive aspects, she helps to refine a more sophisticated presentation of concept and message for customers and investors.

/ Alexander v. Gablenz, Geschäftsführer, LeviCraft GmbH /



I was impressed by Kendra's creativity with regards to both conceptualizing the episodes and the actual scriptwriting; she's a good writer with a wonderful sense of humor. Kendra is also very creative, flexible, good with details, and fun to work with... 

/ Mats Ulenius, Executive VP Video Marketing, EF Education First /