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Kendra is an amazing and inspiring woman. She's a born public speaker and knows exactly how to transfer knowledge and skills during her workshop...“


Primary Workshop Topics:


business storytelling

When one dives into the world of business storytelling, topics such as borrowing The Hero’s Journey from books & films can be very intriguing and give you a new way of approaching your next presentation… but what if your next audience isn’t already on board? What if you have something specific you want to communicate… how do you know you’ve made it interesting and clear?

Some Workshop Titles:

  • Strategic Story Design: How to Express the Value You Provide

  • Beyond Business Storytelling: The Narrative Arc

  • The "Yo Mama Method" for Writing Great Pitches





Many of the techniques we are taught for executing work are framed with a post-industrial mindset that doesn't suit entrepreneurial-minded people or creativity in today's age. It's a balancing act: you must have structure to make progress in your career but at the same time you don't want to put limits on yourself. The key is really understanding yourself, your habits, and skills and thereafter making some guidelines around that to support getting the work done... after all  "creativity loves constraints." 

Some Workshop Titles:

  • Design Thinking for Business: Empathy as a Pillar of Success

  • Frame Your Approach, Grow Your Creativity (Hands On)



Recent Talks:

  • How the Concept of 'Now' Can Help You Explain Anything

  • How to Express the Value You Provide as a Freelancer


 Ideas Worth Spreading:

Creativity is a skill not a gift.  A strong creativity muscle can allow you to ‘do’ no matter what the circumstance or resources at hand.

Information is abundant. We need context to understand the world now more than ever. Stories are the key to that.


I also work as a video presenter or moderator for clients and special projects.






Kendra is an amazing and inspiring woman. She's a born public speaker and knows exactly how to transfer knowledge and skills during her workshop. She interacts great with the audience and knows how to manage a youth group. Her flexibility and organizational skills are admirable. It was a pleasure to host her in our school and learn more about entrepreneurship and time-management.

/ Testimonial: Malgorzata Moszyk, Co-Founder Eduheroes /




I loved your use of humor (Yo Mama, Not Yo Mama) - which really helped me "get" the difference in a way that is very memorable. 

/ Testimonial: Bernadette Geyer, Writer, Editor and Translator /


I was impressed by Kendra's creativity with regards to both conceptualizing the episodes and the actual scriptwriting; she's a good writer with a wonderful sense of humor. Kendra is also very creative, flexible, good with details, and fun to work with... 

/ Mats Ulenius, Executive VP Video Marketing, EF Education First /